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Experience our indoor soccer field

New York Indoor Sports Club boasts a new 5,000 square feet Indoor Soccer Arena – it’s the newest and best place in New York City to play Indoor Soccer. We’ve installed professional Vinyl Sports floors to enhance our members experience. Year-round indoor field rentals are available for team training or recreational play. Looking for a place to train in the Winter, or a place to get out of the heat in the Summer? – New York Indoor Sports Club is the best, most convenient and affordable full Indoor Soccer Arena for team and recreational play alike.

  • Field Rental: $140/Hour

Table Tennis

(Effective June 01, 2021 )

New York Indoor Sports Club is NYC’s premier Indoor Table Tennis Facility for professionals, junior athletes and recreational players. With over 15,000 Square Feet of space, spacious ceilings and 17 Professional Butterfly Tables available for play, NYISC hosts the best indoor table tennis facility in New York City.Indoor Sports Club coaches are highly skilled professionals with years of experience. Our rigorous selection criteria guarantees that you will be partnered with a coach who is aligned with your goals and shares your commitment to personal development and individual success.

  • Annual membership: $1000 per member with unlimited practices
  • Half Year(6 months) membership: $550 per member with unlimited practices
  • Monthly membership: $100 per member with unlimited practices
  • Morning Only membership: $70 per member ( Mon-Fri 9:30AM – 1:30PM only )
  • Daily pass: $20 per day
  • Hourly pass: $30 per table per hour
  • Private Lessons: $70 per hour

We also want to let you know that we will honor our promise to credit previous unused memberships prior to the COVID-19 shutdown as of March 17, 2020. As individual memberships are different, please enquire your unused memberships with our staff during regular business hours. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or let us know.

Pro Shop

The New York Indoor Sports Club is an official Butterfly table tennis equipment dealer. In addition, we also sell a variety of Chinese table tennis products. Please call the club for product availability!

We Coach

Indoor Soccer Field

5,000 sq. ft. Indoor Soccer Arena rentals for team training and recreational play.

Field Rental: $140/Hour

Reservation: (718)358-8860

Table Tennis Training

World Class Professionals | Table Tennis Coaches
17 Butterfly Table Tennis Tables

1 Hour Lesson $80


New York Indoor Sports Club Members have access to exclusive benefits and discounts. Take advantage of our special offerings, become a NYISC member today!

Coaches are the key to effective personal, team and group development. The Center truly believes that effective coaching occurs in the context of an ongoing relationship between the coach and participant. These relationships are founded upon experience, mutual honesty, trust and positive regard.

Liu Juan
Liu Juan was a former Chinese National Women’s Team player and current US Women’s Team member. 2012 US Open Women’s Single Champion. 2018 US Nationals Women’s Singles and Women’s Doubles Champion. 2018 US Open Women’s Singles Champion and Women’s Doubles Finalist.
Shao Yu
Shao Yu was a former Shanghai Table Tennis Team member. He was a twice U.S. National Men’s Team member and represented the United States to compete in the 2009 and 2010 World Championship.
Wang Xinyue
Taylor Wang, a former Beijin Team member and current US Women’s Team Member. Represented the United States to compete in the 2018 World Championship. 2018 US Nationals Women’s Doubles Champion and 2018 US Open Women’s Doubles Finalist.


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